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Here at LP Accessories we believe that fashion doesn't have to be high cost. We want to provide you with high quality accessories at exceptional prices, so you can be your most beautiful self.

-Our Founder, Lea P

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  • Never Sleep Or Shower While Wearing Your Jewelry

    Sleeeping in your jewelry can cause it to catch onto your hair or bedding and cause damage to your piece. Please take care of your jewlery by placing it inside of a box or hanging it out of harms way, so that you may enjoy it for many days to come.

  • Avoid Sprays Such As Hair Spray and Perfume.

    Sprays can cause your jewelry and lose their magnificent luster. If your are going to use hair spray or perfume please apply it before you put on your jewelry.

  • Avoid Sweating Or Swimming While Wearing Your Jewelry

    Chlorine is a chemical that's used to keep pool water clean. This chemical can strip your jewelry of the protective layer that keeps it from tarnishing. Sweat can irritate your skin while wearing the jewelry. Too much moisture can also cause your jewelry to tarnish.